I guarantee you’ll make AT LEAST 12 marketing videos for social media over the next 6 weeks…or your money back!

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Here's how the The Social Video 101 Accelerator works:

Phase one: Gain a solid understanding of why video is so important to use for growth right now and what the 3 different types of videos you can use on Instagram are. You'll also learn a simple 5 step set up to make any video look great using your phone as a camera. And I promise, you’ll be able to learn quickly with my no-fluff, easy to understand teaching style.

Phase two: Get comfortable being ON camera, even if you’re the most camera shy entrepreneur you know! You’ll learn what to wear, where to look when filming, how to prepare before hitting record, how to use a teleprompter app and more. You'll also learn all about Instagram Stories in this phase and create your first video to post!

Phase three: You'll continue your camera skills education and learn how to shoot supporting footage (aka B-roll) and how to make a time-lapse video. Learning how to shoot great looking footage can greatly enhance the your videos. You'll also learn the editing strategies and trends that are working right now on social media to get you prepped and ready for the next big phase...

Phase four: Learn how to edit…this is where the magic happens! You’ll start with the basics like trimming, combining clips, adding text and music. Then we’ll dive into more advanced editing techniques like layering footage and enhancing audio. And, of course, you’ll learn how to add captions to get your video social media ready.

Phase five: This is all about Short-Form Vertical Videos...aka Reels! You'll learn the differences in a trending and original reel and see step-by-step how to make them. Your homework in this section includes creating several Reels that you can post right away and start gaining followers and leads! You will also learn how to repurpose your Reels to other platforms like TikTok and YouTube, etc.

Phase six: In this last very important phase, we'll cover how to get testimonial videos from clients, how to go Live on IG, and where to get unlimited content ideas as you move forward with your new video skills. Because you'll be totally hooked on video creation by this point!

BONUS: THIS IS MASSIVELY VALUABLE....Unlimited one on one support from Heather through audio and/or video messaging (Voxer and/or Marco Polo). Help on demand means you are really learning this skill set, staying accountable and will thrive with video after the program. You can message literally any time with questions, feedback, etc!

The end result?

I guarantee that by the end of the 6 week accelerator, you'll have developed the skill set to confidently make video assets for life that will continue to grow your social media presence. And in that time, you'll have made AT LEAST 12 videos. What a great start!

If not?

You'll get your money back, no questions asked.

Entrepreneurs Who Are CRUSHING It With Social Videos

"In terms of ROI...it's exponentially more than the investment because of the skills and confidence you get."

"I was scared to make video and it felt like a chore. This course taught me things I didn't even know I needed to know!"

"Video is the best way to connect with the customers we want, and we're getting real results from it."

"She puts you at ease that you don't have to be some news anchor woman, but you can just be yourself because people are interested in what you have to say."

Donna D.

"I'm taking this course and it is FABULOUS. Not only is Heather a natural at teaching, all of the info is easy to understand and implement. I am learning SO MUCH! Take the course, everyone. You'll see."

Jamie B.

"While the topic at first seemed daunting, after this class, you will know exactly what to do and not be intimidated about video editing and growing your business."

Alexandria A.

“Thank you SO MUCH! That was massively informative. I have seen so many tutorials about reels. Seeing you actually do it and explain it in normal terms was amazing.”

Jenny U.

"Going in, I knew nothing about making videos or where to start and now I have a weekly video that I make. The class was hands on and very helpful. I highly recommend it if you are looking to get started!"

Yanna R.

"This is an excellent course for someone who has interest in making better quality videos without having to learn a ton about video. It's easy to understand and to apply. I will be way more comfortable making videos going forward!"

Julia S.

"It's nice to know that I can make video which is a must have anywhere right now. She teaches everything so smoothly and in a way that everyone can understand."

Lara B.

"Heather, A, has a great sense of humor. And B, she has a knack for making video very accessible and really breaking things down to removing all the obstacles to entry."

Caterina D.

"That coaching element and understanding what I'm trying to accomplish... I've asked you many many questions. And that is just priceless."

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