Get endless leads and client with the top marketing tool in 2023: SOCIAL VIDEO!


In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to quickly start, and continue, creating video content for social media to grow your brand with new leads and followers that you can turn into clients. This includes all the tech knowledge to shoot great-looking video, and also a lot of strategy on what to shoot and where to post it.

Note: This is completely phone-based, so you won't need to buy an expensive camera or learn to use a professional editing program on a computer. If you have a smartphone, then you can make amazing social video!


- Small business owners: product AND service based / brick and mortar AND online

- Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs

- Coaches / Trainers

- Real estate agents

- Therapists

- Network Marketers

- Fitness Instructors

- Authors / Writers

....basically anyone who needs to gain clients and know social media videos will help with that mission.

No matter what point you're starting from with video, I guarantee you'll learn what you need from this program.

Tech challenged mid-lifer? This course is for you!

Whip smart, tech savvy gen X-er? This course is for you too!

Simple 5 Step

Tech Setup

Learn how to turn your phone into a camera and what equipment to buy for better stability, light and sound.Once you get comfortable with the 5 step setup, you'll know your videos will always look FANTASTIC!

Strategic Content

"How do I figure out what type of content to post? I have nothing to say!" This module is all about content ideas...where to get them and what works. You'll be surprised at the amount of content ideas you can come up with in just one brainstorm sesh!

Being On Camera

Even the most camera shy person can learn the skill of being comfortable on camera. You'll also learn how to frame yourself to look best, how to use a teleprompter and how to do the simplest edit on this type of footage.

All About

IG Video

Learn about the 3 types of videos to use on Instagram and why you'd use each and how...YES, this largely covering REELS! You'll walk away with several videos created and ready to post, and ideas and know-how to keep creating long after you're done with Social Video 101!

How to Edit

Without leaving the comfort of your phone, learn how to take your videos a step above your competition with some sweet, easy editing skills. You'll learn how to use a free app, CapCut, and how to edit directly into Reels.You'll also learn how to add closed captions to every video.


Footage (B-roll)

Video of JUST you talking can get a bit boring, no matter how great you are on camera! This module will teach you how to shoot incredible footage (b-roll) to make your videos more engaging and exciting to watch for your viewers.


Once purchased, you'll gain immediate access to the course so you can jump right in! You can follow the accompanying 6-week guide to keep you on track and accountable to actually making the videos. You will have lifetime access, though, so you can take it at your own pace!

You'll be added to the private Facebook group. In there, you can post your homework videos for feedback from me...this feature is massively helpful! You can also ask questions and network with other students.

If you do the assignments in each module of the course, you'll have made AT LEAST 12 videos and have the know how to make many, many more on a consistent basis.

Entrepreneurs Who Are CRUSHING It With Social Videos

Simon, Business Coach, "In terms of's exponentially more than the investment because of the skills and confidence you get."

Sarah, Ceramics Artist,

"I was scared to make video and it felt like a chore. This course taught me things I didn't even know I needed to know!"

James, Realtor,

"Video is the best way to connect with the customers we want, and we're getting real results from it."

Keren, Coach, Author, and Publisher,

"She puts you at ease that you don't have to be some news anchor woman, but you can just be yourself because people are interested in what you have to say."




Business Coach

"I'm taking this course and it is FABULOUS. Not only is Heather a natural at teaching, all of the info is easy to understand and implement. I am learning SO MUCH! Take the course, everyone. You'll see."


Physical Therapist

"While the topic at first seemed daunting, after this class, you will know exactly what to do and not be intimidated about video editing and growing your business."


Interior Designer

“Thank you SO MUCH! That was massively informative. I have seen so many tutorials about reels. Seeing you actually do it and explain it in normal terms was amazing.”


Real Estate

"Going in, I knew nothing about making videos or where to start and now I have a weekly video that I make. The class was hands on and very helpful. I highly recommend it if you are looking to get started!"


Small Business Owner

"This is an excellent course for someone who has interest in making better quality videos without having to learn a ton about video. It's easy to understand and to apply. I will be way more comfortable making videos going forward!"


Actress and Influencer

"It's nice to know that I can make video which is a must have anywhere right now. She teaches everything so smoothly and in a way that everyone can understand."


Life Coach

"Heather, A, has a great sense of humor. And B, she has a knack for making video very accessible and really breaking things down to removing all the obstacles to entry."


Chef and Author

"That coaching element and understanding what I'm trying to accomplish... I've asked you many many questions. And that is just priceless."



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Get Lifetime Access to...

  • Module 1: Foundation for Successful Social Videos

  • Module 2: The Simple 5 Step Tech Set Up

  • Module 3: Being on Camera

  • Module 4: Instagram Stories

  • Module 5: Going Live

  • Module 5: Shooting Supporting Footage (aka B-Roll)

  • Module 6: Winning Content

  • Module 7: Editing Strategy

  • Module 8: How to Edit in CapCut

  • Module 9: Creating Reels (gigantic section!)

  • Module 10: Getting and Using Testimonials

  • Module 11: Going Forward

  • BONUS Module 1: Reels 2.0!

  • BONUS Module 2: Deeper Dive into Gear

  • BONUS Module 3: Rules of Composition

  • BONUS Module 4: Your Core Video

  • BONS Module 5: Editing in Kinemaster

  • Assignments throughout the course to keep you accountable and make sure you're creating content you can post right away.

  • Lifetime access to all this content, and any and all new content!

Other Bonuses:

  • Private Facebook Community - Ask questions, get feedback, network with others learning the same skills as you!

  • Monthly Q&A Calls - Save up your questions and fire away!

An Incredible Value For Only...

$1,497 $697!

I guarantee that by the end of the course, you'll have developed the skill set to confidently make video assets for life that will continue to grow your social media presence.

And in that time, you'll have made

AT LEAST 12 videos..what a great start!

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